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Our Story

What is mohuman?

mohuman a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families become digitally independent. We drive the transfer of power and resources to digitally underserved people though access to the internet and digital services for School, Work, Health, and Government Engagement.

What is moDAT (mo’ Digital Advocate)?

For the People by the People 

The nonprofit, mohuman, worked very closely with community based organizations and residents of digitally underserved regions across the country to identify their needs and the digital services necessary to meet those needs. The result was the co-development of moDAT, the people’s digital advocate and navigator.



moDAT is a smart platform to help you navigate and meet a range of digital needs in your local community, from education, employment, government benefits, and health services to digital skills support, internet access, computers, and other services.



Through moDAT, we enable every resident and community based organization to become a digital navigator and become digitally independent quickly, effectively, and at scale.


moDAT is currently available for the City of San Diego and coming soon to other parts of the US.


Who is moDAT for?

  • Digitally underserved, low income, urban and rural people who need help to get online and use digital services.

  • Students and families who have to return internet-connected devices loaned during the COVID-19 pandemic or lose subsidized internet connectivity and need immediate help to find affordable devices, internet connection, and digital services.

  • Small Businesses and Community-Based Organizations that are seeing an online presence in their own community.

  • Digital do-gooders who want to guide friends and family to digital skills and services for a path to digital resilience.

  • Champions such as nonprofits, digital inclusion organizations, social service providers, libraries, and governments that need a single place to find, share, and track digital services for the digitally underserved.